Caballo Blanco Memorial Run 2018

Pic: Luis Escobar
"If you finish the race, you win. If you participate, you win. If you wake up in the morning and you feel good, you win. If you live the good life, eat the good food and have love for other people, you win."
(Caballo Blanco)

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Registration starts 2018-05-01

Latest news:
Click here (Updated: 2018-08-21)

Ultra Caballo Blanco Suecia 50 miles:

Time until start:

2018-05-01 - Registration starts
2018-09-10 - Last registration day if you want a finisher tshirt
2018-09-14 - Higher prices - see "Latest News"
2018-09-27 - Last registration day online
2018-10-06 - Race day


Video (2013):


In Persbo, Garpenbergs församling, Hedemora Kommun, Dalarnas Län.
Parking: See signs!

Date: 2018-10-06
50 miles: 06:00
5 or 6 laps: 09:00
3 or 4 laps: 12:00
1 or 2 laps:15:00

You need to come to the secretariat for some info and group photo 30 minutes before your start!
We will start to serve dinner (Vegetarian/Vegan) at around 17:30. And we will keep feeding you...


CBMR: Running or walking the same trail that Micah (Caballo Blanco) and I ran 2011-09-26.
UCBS: Starting and finishing in the same village, Persbo, and doing a 50 miler, just like the original UCB.

How far:
CBMR: Some people want to run more than others. So you can run 1-6 laps.
UCBS: Well 50 miles is 50 miles is 80.5 km...
ClassDistanceElevation gain
Un Poco Loco11km150m
Un Poco Mas Loco22km300m
Ultra Loco44km600m
Mas Ultra Loco55km750m
Ultra Ultra Loco66km900m
Ultra Caballo Blanco Suecia50 miles (One Lap)C:a 1000m

Note: The above numbers are only for simplicity. The correct length of one lap is about 10.8km and elevation 144m

1 lap 2 laps 3 laps 4 laps 5 laps 6 laps 50 miles
Women 0:54:41 - Carolina Börjes, 2013, Sonia Rodiere, 2016 1:55:02 - Karin Höglund, 2013 2:50:44 - Madelene Nord, 2016 03:53:07 - Laila Öjefelt, 2015 05:10:08 - Kerstin Rosenqvist, 2018 06:26:24 - Sofia Attelind, 2017 08:01:00 - Laila Öjefelt, 2018
Men 00:40:20 - Johannes Hases, 2015 01:33:11 - Peter Axelsson, 2015 02:15:38 - Kenneth Löfman, 2015 3:37:09 - Krister Lind, 2016 04:48:07 - Jonas Knutell, 2018 05:53:20 - Ricardo Casanova, 2017 07:44:05 - Gustaf Sjösvärd, 2018

GPS, map and profile
Click for map of the CBMR course
Click for CBMR height profile
Click for a tcx file download of the CBMR
For info about the UCBS course - Go to the UCBS site

Register for the CBMR:
To register for the UCMS - go to the UCBS site

Registrations will be accepted up to 27/9 online and up to one hour before start at the secretariat
BUT if you want a finisher tshirt the last day to register is 2018-09-10.
Maximum number of participants is 60.
Same price for all CBMR distances.
400:- will go to the race, 100:- will be a donation to support the Raramuri, "The Running People".

* A cup or a kåsa - if you want you can buy our CBMR-kåsa at the start area (25:-)

Swish will be available!
What's included:
* A donation to the Raramuris.
* Umara sportsdrink (2 places on the course)
* Salts and sweets (at the start area)
* After Run Dinner (Home made Chili Sin Carne, drinks, bread etc)

You don't have to have a PayPal account to pay, use the "Pay Now" button below even if you pay with card!

As soon as you have paid, you are registered. The list is updated at least once a day (but not immediately)! NOTE: The donation (of 100:-) is now included in the price. (You can change the number of laps up to 60 mins before start)

Just make your 2 choices (One of the two payment options, Number of Laps) then click the "Pay Now" button!

Caballo Blanco Memorial Run
Number of laps to run

The Buff:

If you want to donate extra money you can do it here:

What else:
* Food (Vegetarian, lactose and gluten free) will be served afterwards. (Bread and Cake is NOT gluten free - sorry)
* Bring something warm to wear after the race!
* The weather will be good. Rainy or Sunny, cold or warm, but good!

The weather by

What if:
Do you want to stay overnight? I recommend B&B at Muddus Hjortron

(Info about RaceONE here.)

Maila eller ring: 0706913713


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