Hello and welcome to Christers gpx->tcx converter -- PayPal page

Designed to convert a gpx-file from a variety of sources to a tcx-file acceptable by funbeat.se and most other sites.

It also does some analysis of the gpx-file - for a description of all functionality click here

I have now started to charge a small amount for this service.
For 30 days the rate is $1 and for 365 days it is $10.
The payment will be valid for all ip:s in your subdomain 54.163.42
If you want to test the service you get 2 days for free (see below).

Feel free to send comments about the service, prices etc here below! To prove that you are not a robot the message must start with the following four characters: 9c6d


2018-12-11: Added calculation of the Aerobic Efficiency statistic. (See info)
2018-12-11: Added heartrate zones. Try it out!

Pay for 30 days use
Pay for 365 days

christer schapiro