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ver 5.0
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General This website is made for you who like to see your efforts presented in numbers and graphs. A means to improve yourself or just for the fun of it. The basis is a GPX- or a TCX-file that you most probably download to your computer from Garmin Connect, Suunto Movescount, Endomondo.com etc. The idea is to import them and sort the in different Routes. That way you can compare your results from different workouts on the same track.
This version (5.0) is still quite young, even if I have come a long way. Lately I've been working a lot with the diagram-package and also the storage system of all your data.

Cookies The website uses cookies. You can't use it if you don't accept that!

Menu item: "Import a GPX or TCX file" This is where you import a GPX or TCX file. You will be prompted for Sport, Route and GPX/TCX-file. As GPX-files generally doesn't contain info about sport we have to fill that in manually. (Running and Biking are supported). A default route, "Tmp" is there from the beginning but we suggest that you create your own for routes that you use to run or bike. If you fill in the "New Route" field, your workout will be stored there. The system is always keeping track of your last used Route in order to avoid unnecessary typing.
Note that if you run indoors and have your settings right you can still download (and import here) a TCX file from that workout. (Only tested for Garmin).

Menu item: "Analyse a workout" Here you analyse a seperate workout. First select the route where the workout is stored, then select the workout and then select which diagrams to draw. The output are tables and graphs.
(You will later be able to define different laps, default 1 km but you can choose yourself. For example 0.4 km if you have run on a trackfield or 5 km or 10 km if you made a long trip on the bike. You will also be able to create a histogram over which speeds/paces you have spent most time (or distance) in.)

Menu item: "Add/Edit Heartrate Info" Here is where you enter your resting and max heartrate. It also computes (five) default heartrate zones based on you resting and max heartrates (depending of chosen method). You can then edit the zone limits as you like.
NOTE: The heartrate settings will be stored together with the workout when you import the GPX/TCX file.

Menu item: "Compare Workouts" This is where you select first a route and then one or more graphs. You can now make graphs over all workouts made on that route and see you progress!

Menu item: "Convert GPX to TCX or CSV" This is actually all that this website once did. At the moment it works just like before - you input a GPX-file and the website convert it to either a TCX or a CSV (excel) file. The obvious developement here is to make it possible to take already imported files and export them as GPX, TCX or CSV files. That is on the list!

Menu item: "Handle Routes and Workouts" Not implemented yet. Here you will be able to update your HR data for a workout, delete workouts and routes, rename routes and move workouts to another route.