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The gpx->tcx converter and gpx analyser -- Login page

ver 5.1
Designed to convert a gpx-file from a variety of sources to a tcx-file acceptable by funbeat.se

It also analyses the gpx-file - for a description of all functionality click here

For screenshots of some output click here

I have now started to charge a small amount for this service.
For 30 days the rate is $1 and for 365 days it is $10.

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2019-03-12: Version 5.0 released. 1) Better graphics still. More bike oriented (Speed and Power graphs)
2019-02-25: Version 4.11 released. Mainly a lot of grahics. Mostly things you can't see but it's a base for developement.
2019-01-24: Version 4.1: Import of tcx-files is now working!
2019-01-24: Version 4.1: New, better, algorithms to compute heartrate zones.
2019-01-22: Presenting version 4.0. A good bit on the way. The import function is working, you can compare runs. The UI is a little better, internal structure is gradually growing better. New graph types are coming soon.
2019-01-21: Decided to release a new version tomorrow so that everyone can see that I'm making progress.
2018-12-20: Plans: Option to save runs for comparision. Unify and improve UI. Maps. Internal structure. Other input formats (tcx, fit).
2018-12-19: Added a new statistic - Normalised Aerobic Efficiency...
2018-12-19: A new login-based system...
2018-12-11: Added calculation of the Aerobic Efficiency statistic. (See info)
2018-12-11: Added heartrate zones. Try it out!

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